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What If SHE?

Academic, Columbia University, Spring 2018 

Studio: What If | Tutors: Sarah Dunn + Martin Felsen





• is a statement in which ideas of utopia, leisure, and pride in being female are played out

• suggests a narrative for all women, especially oppressed and so called ‘bad’

• is a manifestation against patriarchal social structure and ideas of normatively/propriety

• resists easy definition and defies confinement

• is surreal, she is fantastic, she is grotesque

• accepts every color of expression

is a beautiful monster where monstrousness is human, political and a metaphor for goodness

• possesses intimacy and connectedness and defies objectification with her spectacular interior

• is phantasmagoric, open, colorful and carnivalesque, ready for birth

• is interactive and explorable, deliberately too large to be taken in and consumed from different angles

• is a shelter, a protector, an ideal of cultural strength, central to the community

• is fundamentally a challenge to the sexist precepts of public representation

• is a celebration of sexual liberty and humanity

• is right in the middle of social interaction, actively being the spectator and the subject, autonomous and politically conscious

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