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Tectonic Symbiosis

Workshop, Architectural Association, Spring 2016

Workshop: AA Istanbul Visiting School | Tutors: Alexandros Kallegias + Elif Erdine + Efe Gozen + Aslı Aydın + Cemal Koray Bingol + Benay Gürsoy Toykoc + Tugrul Yazar + Gamze Gunduz 


Description: Tectonic Symbiosis is a sculptural vault-like structure, aiming to explore generative design methodologies and large-scale prototyping techniques. The programme investigated material behavior and its limitations as design drivers. Through experimentations inter-relation between analog and digital design, techniques were explored using scaled physical models of funicular structures and volumetric components. The selected material, EPS foam, was carved with robotic hot-wire cutting technique in order to devise a component-based global configuration defined by continuity and variation. Simultaneously, an analog hot-wire cutting machine was developed by understanding the principles of the unique fabrication technique. The key objective in this process has been to integrate digital and analog fabrication techniques throughout the whole fabrication and assembly processes. The parameters of the final prototype comprise factors such as structural performance, tactility, light, and shadow.



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