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Extracurricular, Cuhadaroglu Aluminum Observatory Competition, Spring 2015

 Team: Seda Oznal + Ege Acar


Description: Oblivion is a neo-mechanical parasite which stands for the rights of nature and the rights of citizens on the shared public urban space in Istanbul.Two symbiotic observatories settle on the top of the two towers of newly erected Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. Invasion creates a new environment 322 meters above the Bosphorus for the creation of the argument about the issue. The goal is to take action, create awareness about the destruction and prevent the upcoming.


3rd bridge of İstanbul spanning across the Bosphorus will destroy Northern-Istanbul Forests. They are the last of natural habitat le in the city. Thus, İstanbul faces threatening urban shift. Oblivion observes and archives the transformation of the forests while it fights against it. Witnessing the threatening shift, making the problem clear, noticeable and reachable creates consciousness.Nothing prevented authorities from building the bridge and they couldn’t prevent Oblivion from attaching itself on the bridge... just like a parasite. 

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