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Cellular Revisions

Workshop, Architectural Association, Spring 2015

Workshop: AA Istanbul Visiting School | Alexandros Kallegias + Elif Erdine + Daghen Cam + Aslı Aydın + Cemal Koray Bingol + Benay Gursoy Toykoc + Tugrul Yazar + Gamze Gunduz 


Description: Cellular Re-Visions is a parasitic installation to the entrance facade of Istanbul Bilgi University Department of Architecture. Given task has been investigated by focusing on structural, morphological, and contextual factors which the design intervention was expected to respond to in order to differentiate its material and geometrical organization. The main objective of large-scale fabrication is to investigate the prototype as an “analog machine”, and examine the transformation of systems devised in digital simulations into material configurations embedded with specific types of data. The changes in the material behavior of PVC due to various vacuum and temperature settings were analyzed and cataloged and used as design parameters for digital design variations.This approach has enabled the simultaneous inter-relation of digital and physical experiments. The final installation, with dimensions of 9 meters in length and 3 meters in height, integrates parameters such as texture, light, shadows, colors, and light transmittance. While the installation acts a secondary skin during the day, at night it becomes imbued with varying patterns of light, exposing the varying levels of transparency and shadow among its individual elements.

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