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Academic, Istanbul Bilgi University, Spring 2013

Studio: Material Performance Competition: MimED-Jury Special Award
Tutors:  Inanc Eray + Benay Gursoy + Tugrul Yazar + Idil Erkol  | Team: Seda Oznal + Ege Acar + Ozguc Capunaman + Faysal Altunbozar + Nazlı Pekdemir + Alptug Yılmaz + Ahmet Cam + Eda Tekirli + Efe Erman+ Feyza Kukrer 


Description: The Bubbleion is a pavilion constructed for the final project of Basic Design, Material System. Interests of our group were unique techniques and innovative creating process for the required assignment. The goal was to be involved in every step that made up our construction. Our purpose was to manage the materials and manipulate it for our needs. Rather than understanding a given material’s performance, we preferred to create our own material. Fiberglass and polyester enabled us to produce our own molds. Balloons were chosen for our negative molds. We blew the balloons within three different time limits. Fiberglass gained its shape on the balloon when polyester was applied on it with brushes. The dried stage of fiberglass and polyester which covered the balloon gave us our durable units. Net covered around the spheres helped us to relate two different sizes of balloons. The connection of two net covered bubbles was gained by ropes that kept the units tight together. The material being its own connection detail was the intelligence. The macro form remained as a frozen state of random self-packed bubbles in motion. 

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