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Brief Encounters

Academic, Istanbul Bilgi University, Spring 2015

Elective: Design Publishing | Tutor: Asli Altay | Team:  Seda Oznal + Faysal Altunbozar + Can Küçük + Mert Bozaydın + Nur Horsanalı+ Nur Sahin + Basak Tuna + Betül Sahin + Çagatay Özkardesler + Zeynep Ürper + Nazlı Pekdemir + Nurseli Yorgancı + Mina Yancı Selen Cinstas + Izgi Güven


Description:  The course investigated the historical context and current state of design publishing, with a focus on editorial input that is beyond promotional purposes. We worked as a team, celebrating each participant’s unique contribution as well as editorial coherency as a group. The final product is distributed throughout the streets of Istanbul, where it can be reproduced again.  

(Brief R) Would a piece of a recipe contain more information, even a critical reflection on design and methodologies, then just cooking instructions? 

(Brief O) Investigate “designed situations”, objects, spaces that normally would not be featured in a design context.

(Brief M) “The magazine has become a sort of “yellow submarine”, a fantasy world of garbage apocalypse that resulted from the satellite environment.” Marshall McLuhan,  

(Brief S) Use the format of advertisement for criticism.  (Brief P) Modern times, ancient marks. Design new punctuation marks with specific new functions driven by the related issues.

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