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Augmented Structures

Workshop, Istanbul Bilgi University, Spring 2013

Workshop: Vernal Workshops | Tutors: Refik Anadol + Alper Derinbogaz  | Team: Seda Oznal + Ege Acar + Ethem Aybar + Husna Budak + Bihter Ozturk 



Description:  With the mapping technique, the project brings together disciplines like sound, architecture and the visual arts which influence one another to such a degree that it is impossible to separate them. With sound and visual arts continuous process of transformation creates an unusual architectural experience that results with an uncanny perception. Spaceship intends to provide an experience of different spaces formed by the common dimensions of a room. At an ordinary spatial experience, the viewer brings dynamism to the existing space and perceives the room relative to his/her position. Here, this shi ing, duplicating, and moving space distorts the relative correlation between the space and the person. The dynamic blend of prisms is created with digital techniques and sounds that stratify over the complex aspect of the framed spaces. As the strict boundaries get blurred, the conservative lines disappear and multiple, convergent spaces occur. 

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