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This portfolio received an Honor Award for Excellence in Design by Columbia GSAPP in 2018. It includes work done during 

Master of Advanced Architectural Design program.

Title: As If
Specifications: 146 pp, Paperback
Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 0.5"

Essays and studio projects are interwoven as a collection of “words, wonders, and works.” The iridescent mylar cover contains a fold-out poster completed during the Interim Urbanism Studio led by Nahyun Hwang and David Eugin Moon. The portfolio includes work completed during studios and courses led by Troy Therrien; Mark Wigley; Steven Holl; Mary McLeod; Nahyun Hwang and David Eugin Moon; Mabel Wilson; Enrique Walker; Hilary Sample; and Sarah Dunn and Martin Felsen.

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